Lesson - Breakdowns

Breakdowns are used inside of many Zydeco songs as they create a great embelishment.
The artist will break away from the standard melody and transition to a breakdown where they typically play the top 4 or more buttons (low notes) on the accordion. Every artist has their own creative style they play with these breakdowns.

Demo of a few breakdowns:

Online Lesson: $19.95 includes:

-- Video Clips Online - Very Slow, Slow and Medium tempos of the melody breakdown
-- Tablature of the melody to view online which is very helpful in addion to the videos

100% refund guaranteed if not satisfied with the instructional information or video stream.
DVD Option: Special orders to create & mail a custom DVD is $20 extra due to the time and cost to create and mail.

Playing Lesson Videos:
1. When the purchase is made email will be sent back to you (typically in 2-3hrs), with the video password.
2. Click on the video clips below for the tablature or lesson video clips
3. Enter in the video password to play the video clips as many times as wanted
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System Requirements:
Mac or PC, Any OS, running Flash version 10 or higher, Any browser supporting HTML5.
Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browser recommended over Firefox but it should work


Lesson Process..

1. View the tablature of the song either click on this link or on the tablature image below and enter the password sent to you during the purchase process. Reading the tablature practice moving between the buttons on the accordion.
2. Click on the links below to watch and play along with the various video clips.
3. Play the the drum beats and practice at slow and medium tempos.
4. Listen to the original song to get the timing of the song. You can purchase the track at the following link if wanted.

Lesson Videos:
Transition from melody to breakdown:

Basic Single Note Variations of Breakdowns: #1,2,3

Breakdown #4

Breakdown #5

Breakdown #6

Breakdown #7

Breakdown Tip:
You can mix and match these patterns to your own creative likeing. Or possibly make variations on these patterns that you like the sound of better.

Drum Beat Tempos for Practice:
100 BPM - Double Kick
120 BPM - Double Kick
140 BPM - Double Kick
160 BPM - Double Kick

Click here for informaiton on how to read this accordion tablature