Free zydeco lesson:

Assuming you own or have access to an accordion, click on the picture to the left to go to the Lessons page where you can learn some free songs as well as other tips..

While it is important to understand music theory I found it was better for myself to learn a basic tune or two to get your fingers moving and gain the music theory as your experience grows. Click on the Lessons image above to view the lessons page.

accordion lesson DVD

Yes there is also a DVD available for sale with more songs like "Why You Wanna Make Me Cry", as well as "You Stole My Chicken". In addition to these songs there is also a lesson on how to play "breakdowns" which are heard often in many Zydeco songs. To purchase the DVD go to the Lesson web page. To learn the basics of a Zydeco song there is a free lesson under the Lessons page.

Featured Artist:

Each month the site will feature a specific artist and something unique they bring to the Zydeco world. This month it's Guyland Leday. It's interesting how many players learn by ear as there is little information documenting many of the popular Zydeco tunes. Click the image on the left to play a video clip showing this unique young artist who plays the accordion up side down with his left hand so it's not like he watched another person play and then visually transposed it. Guylands put out a CD of his talents and can be purchased through the following link.



  • Zydeco Lessons Online

    These are various popular Zydeco song and the lessons available through this site

  • Big Nick Box Lessons

    This is a very good site with a lot of great information relating to the Cajun accordion

  • Cajun Accordion Forum

    While the focus on the forum is more Cajun style playing there are many people who play Zydeco as well and share a great wealth of information.

  • History

    It's important to understand the big picture of how the Creole culture drove Zydeco to what it is today.

  • Floyds Record Shop

    Floyds is a great resource for CD's and instructional DVD's. The accordion DVD's are more focused on traditional Cajun style songs and not newer Zydeco songs.

  • Zydeco Accordion YouTube Channel

    A YouTube channel of various video clips related to mosly Zydeco and some Cajun information.


    A great site for Zydeco events around Texas, Louisiana as well as many other resources.

  • Zydeco Online

    A great Zydeco website to keep up with the happenings of the Zydeco world...
    "Lola Love" hosts a Zydeco show which you can also listen to on the site playing a wide variety of Zydeco artists

  • Cajun or Zydeco Jams, Clarence's

    These groups of players that come together are mostly around Louisiana but there are others and once you learn a few tunes you can also start one of your own if wanted.

  • Facebook Cajun & Zydeco Accordion Discussion Group

    Facebook group for accordion fans. While it's a closed group just "Join" the group..

  • Clarence's Website

    An amazing site with tons of great information related to all Cajun and Zydeco categories.


Photo of the month

Ear Might: River City Slim and the Zydeco Hogs Keep It Greasy/Traditional

There are a ton of great images shot from Zydeco happenings around the country and this months pic was from Dan Barry's photo of River City Slim and the Zydeco Hogs... Click on the image to go to their website..

Video Clip of the Month..

This great clip of Andre Thierry playing a few weeks ago at Cafe Des Amis captures some of his and the bands and dancers, great energy...


In the process of learning various Zydeco and some Cajun songs over the years I had to breakdown and document the process so this web site is a result of sharing my learning process with others.

This website focuses on beginning and intermediate level playing to assist in getting you comfortable playing some of these well known songs.

Another goal of the site is to get new accordion players past the beginning stages so when traveling artists are in your area or if you go to Louisiana or Texas you can make the most of learning from the pro's given the chance.

It wasn't until one of the pro's I asked if he did lessons told me that unless I was past the beginning level he really had no desire to get together, that i realized the value of sharing some of the basics with other new Zydeco accoridon fans.

Any suggestions to improve the site please email me at the email address listed below.

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